Haul: MAC brushes & eyeshadows

I decided to move my blog to WordPress because I like the layout more and I have more options when I use WordPress. Because I didn’t want to start with nothing I decided to re-post my two latest post so for those who’ve already read this, I’m sorry, from now on only new posts will be posted on this blog.

The best way to start a new year: buying new make-up!

 I already own one MAC brush, a limited edition one, the 128 face brush that was part of the Semi-Precious collection that came out this year. However I’ve always wanted the MAC 217  and the 239 brush, because I’ve heard some many great thing about them and when I felt how soft the MAC 130 brush was I realized it would be perfect for applying a cheekbone highlight or a cream blush. I’m really exited to try these brushes.

from left to right: 217 brush, 239 brush, 130 brush

I also bought five pro refill eyeshadow pans to put in my MAC Pro 15 Eyeshadow Palette. It’s still not completely filled yet, however I’ve now added Copperplate, Patina, Retrospeck Sumptuous Olive and Vex to my collection.

from left to right, top to bottom: Copperplate, Patina, Retrospeck, Sumptuous Olive and Vex

Have you already bought any make-up in 2012?



  1. De kleurtjes van die oogschaduw zijn echt heel erg mooi en die 130 brush lijkt me erg fijn.

    1. Dankje, ik ga denk de brushes binnenkort reviewen.

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