My New Year’s nails

For New Years Eve I wanted to have sparkly nails, inspired by fireworks, so combined three nail polishes to create a look perfect for this special evening. If you want to know how I did this keep on reading.

How I did this:
As usually do, I started with applying a base coat to my nails to prevent the nail polishes from staining my nails. After that I applied two coats of P2 Color Victim Nail Polish 570 So Cool! which is a beautiful dark blue with a metallic finish.

Then I applied one coat of Essence Nail Art Special Effect! Topper 02 Circus Confetti, a beautiful mixture of hexagonal en tiny sparkles in various colours. This nail polish is known to most people as a cheaper alternative for Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday nail polish, since they look alike. When it first came out, Circus Confetti was sold out everywhere.

Finally I applied one coat of H&M Confetti Kisses, which was part of their 2011 holiday collection. This is also a glitter nail polish with a clear base, however this one only has silver glitters. Notice Mickey and Minnie Mouse on the incredibly cute packaging? This completes the look. If you want the coloured glitters to be more obvious you could add another layer of Circus Confetti. I just wanted a  pop of colour, so this is perfect for me.

Did you do anything specials with your nails or make-up for New Year’s Eve?



  1. so cool! i did a very similar look for new years, cyan blue with pink confetti from essence 🙂

    1. Thank you, Essence does some really cool top coats indeed.

    2. Cool, I know Essence has great top coats in their collection and they’re not expensive at all.

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