So the story begins, Brighton day 1

Tuesday I woke up at 6 in the morning to pack the last things I didn’t want to forget. Even my sister woke up early to say goodbye to me. After that my parents drove me the Station in Arnhem. In Arnhem Rita, Petronella and I said goodbye to our parents, since they all came with us to say goodbye. Together we got on the 8:24 train to Roosendaal.

On our way to Roosendaal Mandy got in the train too, then our travel-group was finally complete. In Roosendaal we had change for the train to Brussels. We arrived at platform 1a and we had to go to platform 4a, since we had so much stuff with us we thought is was best to take the elevator. However, the elevator was out of order, we had to carry all our stuff down the stairs, luckily a Chinese man who walked by helped us. He carried down two of the heaviest suitcases. Lucky for us the elevator to platform 4a worked and the four of us and all our belongings could go up at once. When we were just getting into the train the Brussels we ran into the same Chinese man who helped us carrying our suitcases. Apparently a lot people had to go Belgium because we could not sit properly in the train to Brussels, as you can see in the picture above, Mandy was closed in a corner with all our luggage.

In Brussels we had to change for the Eurostar to London, we had to go through security, something we didn’t expect. After that we came into a room that reminded me of an airport, with an waiting area in English-style. We arrived in London at St Pancras, there we bought a ticket to Brighton. Without any delays or problems we arrived in Brighton.

We took a taxi to the holiday residence we had booked beforehand, there we got settled for a bit and decided that we were too tired to cook. We went to the Lidl, which is just around the corner, just to get some essentials for breakfast. Then we found a lovely pub and had dinner. I had jacket potatoes with cheese, bacon and sour cream, it was delicious but nothing compared to the dessert, Petronella and I ordered the red berry crème brûlée, it was like heaven on a spoon. I completely forgot to take a picture of it, so I have a good excuse to go back and eat it again.

We all woke up very early today. I guess we still have to get used to not sleeping at home. I’m used to sleeping in a double-bed so I almost rolled out of bed three times. We had a lovely breakfast together, still in our pyjamas because it almost feels like a vacation.

When Petronella and Rita went groceries shopping, Mandy and I decided it was time to start writing in our travel-journals. I got a really adorable Le Petit Prince Moleskine notebook. My book starts with an inspiring quote, Just start somewhere and make a world of difference. I saw that quote on a canvas bag a lady was carrying and I thought I was a really nice quote for the beginning of my adventure in Brighton. In the afternoon I explored Brighton on my own and I did a bit of shopping but I will blog about that later. IT’s too dark to take good pictures of the stuff I bought.

That’s about it for now, I hope you enjoyed reading this.




  1. Duncan van Brandenburg · · Reply

    Okay, sounds very nice, especially now that you get used to not sleeping at home. And certainly with the bed I guess. I hope you get it quite to your liking

    Regards Duncan x

    Ps.and dinner looks yummy.

  2. Dear Kelly,

    Brighton at last! You have been looking forward to this placement abroad a lot I think so hopefully Brighton will not disappoint you (and the other way ’round -:) ? Keep us posted, good luck finding a ‘permanent’ place to stay.
    greetz, take care,

  3. Chantal · · Reply

    Hey Kelly,
    ziet er goed uit daar in Brighton so far 😉
    Heel veel plezier, keep in touch en doe de meiden daar de groetjes x

  4. Geert en Joyce · · Reply

    Darling Kelly,

    We were very glad to hear from you and now that we read this we are sure you will have a wonderfull time in Brighton. I would like to see a picture of the Brighton pier (with you on it ofcourse) to see how it compares to ours in Scheveningen.

    Looking forward for red berry Crème brûlée when we visit you ……. and miss you already …….. mum and dad!

    1. I don’t know when I’m going to visit the pier. I walked by the pier yesterday, the sun was behind the pier so I couldn’t take a good picture. I´ll take you to that pub when you visit me. Miss you too!

  5. Aaah leuk leuk leuk!! Zo te horen dus alles goed gegaan tot nu toe, had ook eerlijk gezegd niet anders verwacht 😉 Hoop dat je ‘t niet erg vind dat ik lekker in het Nederlands reageer, hahaha. Ben nu eenmaal geen engels student, en kan me op dit tijdstip even niet zetten tot het maken van redelijk grammaticaal goed engels. Nou, ben benieuwd naar de stuff die je geshopt hebt… wacht je volgende blog af 🙂 Kus uit freezing cold Pigeon Town, hahaha x

    1. Dat is helemaal niet erg hoor, Ilse. Ik denk dat ik morgen een stukje schrijf over de spullen die ik gekocht heb.

  6. Irving Scheffer · · Reply

    Like posted on the FB post, loving the style of your Blog, certainly looking forward to the upcoming ones. And your English is fine 😉

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