Shop, eat, shop, cook

The first of February I went shopping on my own. I needed to get out of the house to clear my head and I wanted to explore Brighton. I didn’t too many pictures, I just wanted to look and let it sink in that I’m actually going to stay here for the next 4 months. The first store I went in was Superdrug, surprisingly I didn’t buy any make-up, just a dry shampoo for brunettes. Then I went into Paperchase to buy a card to send to my grandmother. I also found cute stickers for in my travel-journal.

After that I found a Lush, when I walked into the Lush I instantly calmed down. It was so nice to smell the sweet smell of Lush. This time, because we have a bath in this holiday residence, I wasn’t limited to only shower products. A lovely young lady walked up to me and asked if she could help me. She showed me the Bubbleroon’s, I’d never seen those before since there’s no Lush close to where I live. I totally forgot to buy the Yuzu and Cocoa Bubbleroon, I will absolutely buy that next time I visit Lush. I bought the Leap Frog Bath Bomb, which is part of the Lush Valentine’s collection. I ran out of my Lip Dip Lip Scrub a long time ago, so I needed a new lip scrub, I decided to go with Bubble Gum, which like name implies smells exactly like Bubble Gum. The weather here really dried out my skin and the chloride-water isn’t helping at all, therefore to soften my skin I bought the Soft Coeur Massage Bar, because I always use the Lush Massage Bars as body lotion. The last thing I bought at Lush was a square tin to store my Buffy Body Butter in.

Last but not least I found a Space.NK.apothecary, one of the places where they sell NARS in England. You can’t buy NARS in The Netherlands, you can order it online though. However, I prefer seeing and swatching products in real life. When I saw that they just got the Larger Than Life Lip Glosses in I knew I would love the have one, Missglamorazzi, a YouYube beauty-guru spoke very highly of them. They have the pigmentation of a lipstick and the glossiness of a lip gloss, sounds like the best of both worlds to me. I bought one in the shade Norma, a beautiful bright cherry red. Too bad we dont have Space.NK in The Netherlands,I love the luxurious bag you get when you buy something at Space.NK and the service is excellent. The saleslady was very nice and helpful, she gave me a sample of Fekkai Advanced shampoo and conditioner. I´ve never heard of that brand so I can´t wait to try it.

When I came home, dinner was almost ready. Petronella and Rita made tortellini’s, a salad and fish-sticks, they also put some garlic-bread in the oven.

The next day we all went shopping together, our main goal was to find the local Primark, and we succeeded as you can see in the collage below. I actually needed a new hairbrush and some hair ties. I forgot to bring flip-flops for in the shower and these were only £1, then I saw that Union Jack beach towel beach towel and I know I don’t really need a new beach towel, but this one looked totally awesome, I just couldn’t resist the temptation to buy it. After that I found a cute blouse and a pair of matching earrings, well actually Mandy and I split up a package of earrings, she has the same pair in a pastel orange colour. Last but not least I bought a little make-up bag  that I probably want to use as a pencil-case and an adorable purse. I especially love the fact it has white with black polka-dot lining.

That evening it was up to Mandy and me to make dinner. We went to the supermarket, that is just a 2 minute walk from where we’re staying right now and found stuff we could use. We decided to make an oven dish with potatoes, vegetables, cheese-sauce and cheese with meat on the side, we also had some left-salad from the day before.

A blog post about the university and sightseeing in Brighton will be up soon. Making those collage´s takes quite some time. I´ll hopefully get around to doing it soon.




  1. Hi Kelly,

    Shop until you drop -:)! Your first part about Lush is abacadabra to me!
    I heard there were some accommodation problems. Dave and several university staff are trying to help you I’m being told. So hopefully things will turn out all right, take care, greetz,

  2. That blouse is precious! So jealous you have Primark 🙂

    1. I know right, Primark has amazing things and it’s cheap, what more can a student ask for?

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