I met the PixiWoo sisters and made a new friend

As most of you already know, this Sunday I went to London to attend IMATS, the International Make-up Artist Trade Show. I have so much to tell and show about that Sunday that I’m going to do different posts on different parts of the day.

Sunday from 3 pm till 4 pm there was was a Q&A session with the famous YouTube guru’s Sam and Nic Chapman, also known as PixiWoo. They were one of the reasons I wanted to go on Sunday. I was a few minutes late because I got a butterfly painted on my face. Luckily there were still some places to sit available, I sat all the way to the right so I couldn’t take the best pictures. However I made a friend after this session who had a better seat than me and was kind enough to send me some of her pictures. Don’t they look pretty with their new hairstyles?

For those of you who don’t know Nic is the one on the left and Sam is the one on the right, they’re 2 sisters, both are make-up artists and together they have a very successful YouTube channel called PixiWoo and a website. They do amazing make-up tutorials. On top of that Sam is the brain behind the amazing Real Techniques make-up brushes.

At the Q&A session you could ask these lovely ladies about anything you ever wanted to know about them, make-up and being a make-up artist.  I asked them 2 questions, one about make-up schools, if it really matters which one you choose, Samantha answered that the only thing that matters is what you do after make-up school and it you just have to show how talented and passionate you are. The second question I asked was something that has been worrying me ever since I started collecting make-up, people immediately assume you’re unintelligent and vain when you say you’re into make-up. They think you won’t leave the house without a full pancake of make-up on your face and that you only care about how you look. Samantha really comforted me by telling everyone that this is a very common prejudice about the make-up industry whilst it’s one of the most tough and ruthless industries to work in. She told me just ignore to ignore those people, because they’re just not worth it.

Afterwards people cued up to take a picture with Sam & Nic, luckily I was one the first 5 who got to take a picture with them. I asked the girl behind me if she could take my picture, she said she would if I took hers, of course I wanted to do that. Then it was finally my turn, Sam gave a complement about the butterfly on my face and I was just astonished, I was standing next to people I usually see on my computer-screen, I wanted to tell them that I’m from The Netherlands and I watch all their videos and hopefully pick up a British accent on the way, but at the moment I could just say: ”thank you and nice to finally meet you”. First my camera didn’t flash, luckily they were ok with taking another picture. I thanked the girl behind me for taking my picture and took her picture. When I gave back her camera we started talking. It turned out her name is Brittany, from America and she also got here on her own. For the last hour we walked around together and bought some last make-up items together. We really got along, it felt like we already knew each other, we exchanged e-mail addresses so we could stay in touch. It was so nice to talk someone who understands my obsession with make-up and doesn’t think I’m crazy. We took a taxi together to the underground station and travelled to St. Pancreas. There we had to go separate ways, she had to go to Leicester,  were she studies at the moment and I had to get back to Brighton. We promised each other we would meet up again, maybe to go beauty-shopping sometime.

So thank you Sam & Nic, for being an amazing inspiration, for answering my questions and if it wasn’t for your Q&A session at IMATS I would never have met Brittany. Of course also thank you Brittany for taking my picture and for sending the pictures of Sam & Nic.

Love Kelly


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  1. You are the sweetest thing I have met in so long! Thank you so including me in your blog post. I am flattered. It was such a great day and I can’t wait to meet you again. ❤

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