Make-up Museum madness

Famous works from the top professionals in the make-up field will be on display, as well as works from special make-up effects studios, rare photo collections and movie memorabilia. There is often an unprecedented collection of works from make-up history.

Another IMATS post, this time with hopefully not too much text, because in this post I want to show you pictures of the Make-up Museum. The Make-up Museum was a small part of IMATS London, in the right corner of the exhibit floor there was a little bit of space reserved for display of famous work of people in the make-up industry. Warning, some of them look rather scary.

This year’s museum also had some prosthetics designed for Leonardo Dicaprio in the film J. Edgar.

I saved the very best for last. This year’s museum featured some pieces from the Harry Potter films, the pieces were provided by Nick Dudman, the make-up designer for the films. He was also a keynote speaker on the Saturday. Unfortunately because I went on Sunday I didn’t get to see his demonstration on Warwick Davis, he demonstrated how he turned him into a Goblin.

Impressive right? It just amazes me how much work goes into a film. Well, I have to admit, pictures don’t do these pieces justice. Make-up truly is a form of art.

Hope you enjoyed seeing these pictures!




  1. Irving Scheffer · · Reply

    Ha, how interesting to see that even the less obvious changes to an actors appearance in movies and the likes still require this much work. There’s great detail in the masks and I would dare to say that more time goes into this than in costumes and the likes. It’s amazing how intricate the designs are and how much can be done with just make-up. Gives me an entire new appreciation for the make-up artists who work behind the scenes at movies.

    Great selection of masks as well, gives a great diverse feeling to it.

    1. Make-up really is so much more than what most girls put on their face everyday. It’s nice to hear your appreciation for this art.

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