Long time, no blogpost: Pancake Tuesday, cocktails with the Girls, sightseeing in Brighton with Tom and picnicing in Queen’s Park

Sorry, long time, no blogpost, I’ve been quite busy. I’ve met some really interesting and fun people and today I would like to tell you about the past week and what I’ve been up to.

The lovely Charley, one of our classmates had invited Abbie, Hannah, Mandy and me over for dinner on Pancake Tuesday. Because she was worried she didn’t have enough pancake batter she had also ordered pizzas, later on we realised we were already pretty satisfied after the pizzas so we all just had one pancake. After that we watched the musical Chicago and got to know our classmates a little better.

We agreed to hit the town the next day for cocktails, unfortunately Abbie could not join us. We got ready at Charley’s place where she had also prepared some amazing curry for. We did our hair and make-up, I even got to do Mandy’s make-up, doesn’t she look lovely? First we went to Koba and each had 2 cocktails. My favourite has to be the C-al, which tasted like pear, delicious but dangerous since it doesn’t really taste like alcohol. Later we went to a place in The Lanes that used to be a church, that’s rather strange when you think of what happens there now. We had to call it a night early though, since Hannah had a test the next day.

Friday after class, Charley, Hannah and I went shopping and out for lunch. They really know the good places to shop and eat, we had bagels in The Lanes and then we went to ShakeAway. Now I had never heard of ShakeAway before, when Mandy and I were in The Lanes we had seen it, there was a massive cue so we already guessed it would be impressive. They can almost literally make a milkshake for you out of everything, from Mars, to Skittles to marshmallows, you name it they make it. I would definitely love to go there more often.

Saturday I met up with Tom, another international student from The Netherlands. Tom studies International Business Management and I met him at the meeting for international students, turns out there are quite a few people from The Netherlands in Brighton at the moment. First we visited the Royal Pavilion, unfortunately it wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, so I don’t have any pictures to show you. I do have to say it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. On the outside it looks really Indian however on the inside it also has English and Chinese influences. You can see impressive looking rooms and what they were used for, my favourite has to be the dining hall with massive chandeliers. Then there was also some information about the First World War, because during the First World War the Royal Pavilion was used as a military hospital. The weather was beautiful that Saturday so we went to the famous Brighton Pier. Now to be honest that was my first time actually visiting the pier, it really has a nice atmosphere however there are a lot of seagulls around so you should really pay attention to your food. The seagulls are not afraid of us, they let you come really close, that can however result in some really nice photographs. After a walk on the beach we had lunch at a pub called The Lion and the Lobster. We both had a beer and a burger, not just any beer but the local ale. It was the first pub I’ve ever been to where a waiter comes to your table to take your order. Then I just had to bring Tom to ShakeAway, mostly because I wanted to try another of those amazing shakes.

Sunday was our lazy-day. Mandy and I went to Queen’s Park to picnic. We always pass the big gate to Queen’s Park on our way to the university so we really wanted to see what it was like. The weather was lovely so it was the perfect day to picnic and just enjoy being outside.

Now that was a long post right? Hopefully that makes up for the lack of posts recently.




  1. Geert · · Reply

    Dear Kelly,

    Yes this was a nice long post, and revealing to …….. they can all see Tom! I for sure and maybe all your followers want to see and hear about the reason you are in Brighton ….. the UNIVERSITY. Looking forward to it.


  2. Hi Kelly,

    Some great pictures you’re showing us. A day for a picnic but also a day for some lovely pictures! Sand, sea, piers and parks, you find them all in Brighton! Enjoy and take care,

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