Bowling with my buddies

Monday morning I got a phone call from Micah, an international student from French Canada, asking me if I was interested in going bowling and of course my answer was yes. We met up in the Marina Village where they bowling alley is, at 9 in the evening. Tom, Tom’s English house-mate Rob and I were there first. We had to wait for Micah, Jacleen and Rachel, who all live on campus and had underestimated the distance between the city centre and the Marina Village. Jacleen and Rachel are 2 very sweet girls from America who I met on the trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye.

We did 2 games, the first one was boys vs. girls. For the second game we decided that the 3 players with the highest scores and the 3 players with the lowest scores would play together. I couldn’t call myself a good bowler, to me having fun is more important than being the best. Rachel, however was amazing! During the second game she had to play with Tom and Rob, they were the top 3 players. Tom won in the group of the top 3 players, I won in the other group, so I’d like to call myself the best loser. After bowling we had one drink at West Quay Wetherspoon before we had to split up, Micah, Jacleen and Rachel had still quite a long journey to go to get back to Falmer.

Well thank you Micah, Jacleen, Rachel, Rob and Tom, I had a wonderful evening with you!


Note: not all pictures were taken by me so credit goes out to Micah Ruest for some of the amazing pictures.


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