Kelly cares, by wearing a daffodil this march

In England you see a lot of people wearing a daffodil pinned on their shirt in March, why is that?

Well let me explain, when you donate to Marie Curie Cancer Care you will get a daffodil to show your support. Your donated money will be used to nurse people with terminal cancer or other illnesses in your area. It’s a great way to show your support and raise awareness, so I proudly wear my daffodil on my grey blazer. When we were in Lewes my friend Micah had the great idea to take pictures of me between a lot of daffodils and this one was my absolute favourite.

For more information about Marie Curie Cancer Care check:

Are you wearing a daffodil?


Note: credit for picture and idea for the picture goes to Micah Ruest.


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