A day in Lewes, exploring Lewes Castle, playing dress-up, sightseeing and picnicking

Saturday I went to Lewes with my friends Micah, Jacleen and Rachel. We wanted to visit Lewes Castle because we heard that you could dress up there. We met up at Falmer station at 10 o’clock in the morning. The weather looked very promising and we couldn’t wait to explore Lewes.

Rachel was smart enough to look up directions to the castle before we went to Lewes however, we felt adventurous that day so instead of following those directions we went up a very steep and narrow street that looked interesting, it led us right into the centre of Lewes and somehow we ended up almost right in front of the castle.

We wanted to climb the highest tower first, after al lot of stairs we came across a place that somewhat reminded me of the Lord of the Rings, there was a tree in the middle of the courtyard. Of course it wasn’t white, like the White Three of Gondor. The view from this level was already amazing, however we wanted to see more so went in the tower and climbed the spiral staircase.

The view from the highest tower was phenomenal, for the most of time we just stood there, speechless, enjoying the view. In one of the pictures you see Lewes Prison, it’s famous because Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones, served some time there when he was convicted for possessing cannabis.

In the next tower we could do what we came for, dressing up. We had a lot of fun picking the dressing we would wear, some of them were huge and others were tiny, funny enough I, being the Dutch girl, wore the orange dress. Micah was such a diva, he had two outfits, one inspired by Assassin’s Creed, it explains the beheading picture, right? He also tried on a more king-like outfit for the group-picture.

On the next floor was a rather scary statue of a man, it looked so real I was afraid he would stand up and try to startle us.

After watching a video about Lewes and seeing the town model we thought it was time for lunch. We bought freshly made sandwiches in a local shop and went back to a place we passed on our way to the castle. Turned out it was the Southover Grange Gardens, the gardens of a beautiful Elizabethan house. There we sat down, enjoyed the wonderful weather and ate our delicious sandwiches. I was wearing a daffodil to support Marie Curie Cancer Care and Micah had the great idea of taking pictures of me between a lot of daffodils, you can read more about the daffodil in this post.

After the picnic we explored Lewes some more and visited some churches, walked by the Town Hall and of course the Snowdrop Inn, the place were in 1836, the most deadly avalanche ever to occur in the United Kingdom hit Lewes.

I definitely recommend visiting Lewes if you get the chance to do so. I’d love to go back if I have to the time because I have a feeling that there still is so much to see and do in Lewes.

Thank you Micah, Jacleen and Rachel for the lovely day!


Note: not all pictures in this post were taken by me, some of them were taken by my friends Micah, Jacleen and Rachel.



  1. Hee Kelly..
    Hier de groetjes vanuit Emmen.
    Ben er wel trots op dat jij toch gekozen hebt om naar England te gaan. Goed van je buurmeisje…. ihihihiih
    Had met je pa gesproken en die verwees mij naar jouw site… Veel plezier in England, geniet van je leuke tijd daar.
    Vanuit Emmen zullen wij af en toe meekijken op je blogsite hier om een beetje op de hoogte te blijven van mijn oude buurmeisje uit Duiven…

    Groetjessssssssssssssssssss William,Saskia, Kylian en Fabianne.. SchÖne Grusse aus Emmen.. Ich weis von dein vater das du die Deutsche sprache hasst, also hab ik hier die letzte paar zeilen in die deutsche Sprache… tjussssss

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Great pictures of Lewes, I didn’t know it was that beautiful! How come people keep telling us they don’t want to go to England because it’s raining all the time? It’s blue skies all over the place! Kate is a very inspirational teacher indeed, enjoy! greetz, Jan

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