Trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye

The University of Brighton offers trips for international students for a really affordable price. It’s a great way to visit places you wouldn’t visit on your own and an great way to meet other international students. So Rita, Mandy and I decided to go on the the trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye on the 3rd of March. On this trip I met the lovely Jacleen and Rachel you’ve probably already seen a couple of times on my blog.

Believe it or not, I barely recognized my friend Micah that morning, he had long hair when I first met him and I hadn’t seen him for 2 weeks. So during the ride to Bodiam Castle I sat next to him and asked him why he now went back to short hair. He explained that he donated his hair so they can make wigs out of it for cancer patients, how noble is that? The first stop was the beautiful Bodiam Castle, it was built in 1385 by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge, who was former knight of King of England Edward III. Unfortunately the weather was very English that day, meaning grey and rainy, which wasn’t that nice since parts of the castle weren’t covered. I got to know the very sweet Jacleen and Rachel who are from the United States of America. Micah, Jacleen, Rachel and I explored Bodiam Castle together and we had a lot of fun doing so. We were just slightly disappointed that we couldn’t dress up in this castle, that’s why we agreed to go and visit Lewes Castle some day. I already put up a blog post about our visit to Lewes, you can read about it here. 

Then it was time to get back to the bus and ride to Rye. When we arrived in Rye and was still raining, firstly we walked with the entire group of international students to Mermaid Street, which was once the town’s main road, located in the middle of Mermaid Street is the famous Mermaid Inn. The Mermaid Inn is said to be haunted and the Inn has been investigated on an episode on Most Haunted on top of that the Inn has been used by smugglers. After that we walked past the Rye Castle Museum, to the edge of the town to take some pictures. There the group split up. Micah, Jacleen, Rachel and I decided to first go to the Tourist Information Office to get some more information about Rye and a map so we could discuss during lunch were we would go next. We had lunch at The Mariners, I had tea with a scone and cake.

After lunch we went back to St Mary’s Church, a Church we passed on our way to Mermaid Street. Micah had found out that if we paid a small amount of money we could climp up the tower and we could see entire Rye from above. The weather actually was quite nice in the afternoon and by the time we were on top of the church tower the weather was perfect. The view was amazing, Rye looks beautiful from above. We had little time left, so we just went to the Heritage Centre, where you could see Old Seaside Pier Amusement Machines. Unfortunately that was all the time we had, because by the time we had seen that we had to get back to the bus to go back to Brighton.

I really enjoyed myself that day and made some great friends. I highly recommend visiting Bodiam Castle, I really hope the weather is better when you visit it, because it will probably look even more beautiful when the sun is shining and if you ever go to Rye, go to St Mary’s Church and climb the tower, the view is breathtaking and you get to see all of Rye.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost!


Note: not all pictures in this post were taken by me, some of them were taken by my friends Micah, Jacleen and Rachel.


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