Shopping in London with Brittany, pictures and haul, Forever 21, Selfridges, Illamasqua, Dior, Westfield Shopping Centre, Inglot, Kiko and Camden

Already 2 weeks ago on Saturday I met up with Brittany, who I met at the Q&A session with the Pixwoo sisters at IMATS 2012. We went shopping in London together because we’re both really into make-up and beauty and we thought it would be nice to go shopping with someone who understands your passion. We choose London because it’s easy to travel to for the both of us. Brittany is originally from Denver, USA but studies now in Leicester. We met up at Victoria Station, where she would arrive by coach and I by train. I was so nice to see each other after such a long time, chatting and e-mailing is all nice however it just doesn’t compare to talking in real life.

Brittany and I at Marble Arch

We did some serious beauty-shopping and if you’d like to know what I’ve bought please read on.

Me in front of Selfridges with my bags

The first store we went to was Forever21, I really like Forever21, somehow I can always find nice stuff there. I bought 3 dresses, a taupe dress, which was £10.50, a green basic dress, which was £6.50 and my favourite has to be the red and cream polka dot one, it reminded me of Minnie Mouse and it was only £11.50.

We agreed that we would both buy something that day so we had something to remind us of this day. When we were in the Forever21 jewellery department, we both really liked this pair of flower earrings so we both bought them. The earrings were £3.90.

Then we went to Selfridges, after wandering around in the amazing Shoe Gallery we went to were we came for: the cosmetics department. Our first stop was Illamasqua, one of my favourite make-up brands. Illamasqua has amazing products in very original colours. I bought a matt rasberry-red lipstick called Salacious which I will probably review soon. I can already tell you that it’s a wears  very well, because of course I tried it on before buying it and it stayed on for most of the day and it didn’t feel drying in my lips.

Next stop was Dior because my aunt gave me some money for my birthday so I could buy myself something nice and I already knew what I wanted. The lovely and beautiful Tanya Burr, also known as Pixi2woo on YouTube talks a lot about her favourite highlighter on her channel: Dior Amber Diamond. It’s a beautiful shimmery powder that looks so luxurious and almost too pretty to use. I finally have it and I’m so happy with it.

Although I’ve been to London several times before I’ve never been to Westfield shopping centre so Brittany and I took the underground to Shepherd’s Bush, because I’ve read that is was very close to that underground station. You couldn’t miss Westfield, it was gigantic and heaven for every beauty-junkie.

A very cool and original Models Own counter

We headed for Inglot, Brittany already owned a freedom palette, she told me Inglot has great quality eyeshadows and after playing around with them for a little while I realised that they felt softer than most of my beloved MAC eyeshadows. I decided to buy a 5 pan freedom palette with eyeshadows. The eyeshadows I choose were all shimmery ones. The only thing I don’t like about Inglot is that their colours don’t have cute names. The eyeshadows I bought are:  number 495, a shimmery greyish-brown, number 491, a shimmery purple, number 480, a shimmery mid-tone blue, 473 a shimmery teal and 474 a shimmery bright yellow.

The Inglot store in Westfield London

My Inglot freedom palette

The last make-up store we went to that day was Kiko where we only bought one nail polish, not justany nail polish but the stunning blue nail polish Julia, also known as Misschievous on YouTube, wore in her Alexandra Stan Mr. Saxobeat make-up tutorial. Ever since I saw that tutorial I knew I had to have that nail polish. Luckily for us the were on sale for just £2.50.

Brittany in front of the Kiko store

Kiko nail lacquer 336 Electric Blue

The rest of the day we spent wandering around Camden, another place I have not been before. Brittany had been there before and she wanted to show me how wonderful it is. The atmosphere is amazing, there was so much to see, some of the shops already looked amazing from the outside. Although I’ve seen some nice stuff in Camden I didn’t buy anything since I had already spent a lot of money and shopping Camden is a bit expensive. We spent most of the time walking around the Camden markets where you can buy a great variety of things, from clothes to food to jewellery, you name it, they probably sell it somewhere in Camden. We just couldn’t decide what to eat for dinner so we just bought little things from different stalls like spring rolls, pizza and crêpes. It was a lot of fun eating all these different things because usually you would just eat one of those things.

Just some shops in Camden

 Camden Lock

The beautiful Brittany with a statue of a lion in Camden

Unfortunately this amazing day came to an end. I had to catch my train back to Brighton and Brittany had a long coach ride ahead of her back to Leicester. At the end of the day we were so tired and our feet hurt so much we could barely walk. We found a McDonald’s at Victoria Station and sat down for ice cream. After that it was time to say goodbye and go home.

Thank you Brittany for the amazing day, we have to do this again soon!


Note: not all pictures in the post were taken by me, some of them were taken by my friend Brittany.



  1. Ooh, that Dior highlighter looks gorgeous! Looks like you had a great day 🙂

    1. The Dior highlighter is amazing! I will do a review soon when I’m less busy with uni work. It was indeed a great day.

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