University update

Transfer and Transition poster made by Mandy and me

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog regularly, I’ve been quite busy. I especially haven’t posted in a while about the main reason I came to Brighton to begin with, to study at the University of Brighton so here’s an update about what I’ve been doing at the university.

I already told you in my last post about the University that I only have 3 subjects, if you want to read more about that, check this post.

Last Friday was my official last Transfer and Transition session. Mandy and I handed it our poster about Transfer and Transition, the problem that might occur when you go from primary to secondary school, what the ideal situation would look like and compared the English education system to that in The Netherlands. To understand the English education system we got the opportunity to look around and help out at Vandean School, a school here in Brighton. In total I think we’ve been there for 5 mornings. The first time we got a tour of the school from 2 pupils and we got to observe during a lesson. Later on I was even allowed to help out some pupils with their homework. We’ve seen technology, English and drama lessons. I’ve learned a lot, especially by seeing how they teach English not as a foreign language and now I’ve got some great ideas I could use when I start teaching again. The staff at Vandean School was very friendly and helpful and I’m really thankful for this opportunity, it was very interesting to see how schools in England do things. There were a lot of similarities but also some differences, for instance the school uniforms, we don’t have that here in The Netherlands. It was also very interesting to hear what the English pupils had to say, they don’t value learning foreign languages as much as we do because they know almost everyone can speak English.

Last Tuesday I did a presentation for Drama, I’ve worked on it together with my classmates Charley and Hannah. Our presentation was about how drama supports learning in the 21st century. We had prepared a PowerPoint presentation together with our ideas and showed examples of how you could use drama in your lessons.

For my favourite subject, New Voices, literature from 1900 to 2008, I’ve already handed in a piece of creative writing. We had to voice an unvoiced character from one of the stories we had to read during the course. I decided to base my writing based on a short story by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie called A Private Experience. A story about two women who shelter in an empty shop during a riot. The last assignment I have to hand in is an essay comparing at least two texts, incorporating the ideas we discussed in class. I’m going to base my essay on the comic book Maus and the picture book Rose Blanche both are about the Second World War.

Hopefully you’re now up-to-date with what I’ve been doing at the university.




  1. Good luck with you studies at the University! How did you get interested in the comic book Maus and Spiegelman. It is interesting how Spiegelman is a cartoonist who is conscious of his medium’s history, and has published articles promoting a greater knowledge of comics’ past. Segmation.

    1. Well we had to read Maus this semester, it was on our book-list and I thought it was a very interesting book, unlike any book I’ve ever read. My studies here are unfortunately almost done.

    2. I see think it was interesting that you read Maus. I don’t know if they would have done that here in America. So, what is your next step after finishing up school? Segmation.

      1. I meant my studies here in Brighton are almost done. I still have one more year to go in The Netherlands. I study to become a teacher of English and part of that is studying abroad for while.

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