Are you looking for cheap false eyelashes? Try Primark Beauty!

I’ve already tried Primark Beauty false lashes before, on my birthday I wore the more natural-looking pair out of these four, I hadn’t seen the others before though so when I saw them in Primark the other day I just had to pick them up. On my birthday I didn’t really have high expectations, these lashes were only £1.00 with the eyelash glue included, however I decided to give them a go. The lashes were a bit too big for my eyes so I had to cut a little piece off. If you never try, you’ll never know so I tried the included glue and believe it or not, the lashes stayed on all night! I don’t wear false lashes very often but just in case when I want to I now have a few pairs to choose from, not all of them are very wearable and suitable for every occasion, yet you never know when you are looking for a pair of sparkly lashes to compliment your look.

Have you tried Primark Beauty false eyelashes? Do you want to?

xoxo Kelly


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