Review: my Inglot freedom palette

A while ago I wrote about my trip to London with my friend Brittany, one of the stores visited was Inglot. There I bought my first Inglot freedom palette and today I’m going to review that for you. With The Inglot Freedom System you can create your own palette, they offer different palettes in different sizes and styles and you can fill them with different products, like face powders, blush, concealer, brow powder, brow wax, lipstick and last but not least eyeshadow.

The plastic palette is very sturdy and practical, you can see through the lid which colours are in the palette. The palette closes with an incredibly strong magnet so you have to be careful when opening the palette, the trick is to slide it open. The magnets that hold the eyeshadows in place are also very strong so it’s best to think about in which order you want your eyeshadows to be before you put them in the palette because they’re not easy to rearrange.

I bought a palette with 5 eyeshadows with a D.S. finish. D.S. stands for Double Sparkle, although the eyshadows look very sparkly in pan, they don´t look that sparkly when applied on the eyelid. The eyshadows are bit powdery, on the other hand they’re very pigmented. I’ve swatched them on my arm without using a base.

D.S. 474 is a sparkly bright yellow.
D.S. 473 is a bright tealish-green with sparkles.
D.S. 480 is a sparkly bright blue.
D.S. 491 is a blue-based purple with sparkles.
D.S. 495 is a sparkly brown with slightly grey undertones.

Product information:
Palette: Freedom System Palette 5 Eye Shadow Square
Price: £ 7.00
Eyeshadow: Freedom System Eye Shadow Square Refill
Price: £ 4.50
Content: 2.5 g

I really like my Inglot Freedom Palette, I love the fact that you can put together your own palette and I’m really pleased with the choices I’ve made. They eyeshadows are of great quality, they are pigmented, blend easily and feel soft although they can be a bit powdery. I can create a lot of fun looks with these colours. The only negative thing I can say about this palette is that I’m a bit dissappointed that Inglot products don’t have names, instead they just have boring numbers, yet that is something I can live with. So if you want to create your own palette you should definitely visit Inglot and make your own Freedom Palette.

Do you own a Inglot Freedom Palette?


BTW: Brittany also has a beauty-blog:



  1. net zo cool die oogschaduw . ♥

    1. Dankje 😀 Ik zal hem wel een keer meenemen als ik weer bij jullie ben 😉

  2. ooh these colors are gorgeous! I love Inglot! I have some purples/pinks

    1. Thank you, Inglot eyeshadows are great!

  3. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    Amazing colors! I bought that yellow when we were together, and its amazing. Great haul! Can’t wait to see the colors on you. ❤

    1. I think I’ve used that yellow colour most since yellow still looks quite natural on me. You picked some great colours yourself too! Can’t wait to see some new posts on your blog! xoxo

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