Review: Lush Aqua Marina

Marina, Aqua Marina
You’re magic to me
A beautiful mystery

I’ve been using Aqua Marina for over a month now, I use it almost every morning to clean my face. I bought this when I was in Brighton because Lush is slightly cheaper in England, it was recommended to me because I have oily skin.

This facial cleanser has the texture of clay with pieces of seaweed until you add some water, then it turns into a milky paste depending on how much water you add. After adding water to Aqua Marina it’s very easy to apply it all over your face. Massage it in and then rinse it off with warm water. It feels soft on your skin and unlike many other Lush products Aqua Marina doesn’t smell amazingly good yet it leaves your skin smelling fresh and clean, if you know what I mean. After using Aqua Marina my skin feels very smooth, clean and oil-free.

Product information
Product: Aqua Marina cleanser
Price: £5.95
Content: 100g
Ingredients: Glycerine, Calamine Powder, Kaolin, Irish Moss Gel, Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Fine Sea Salt, Nori Seaweed, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Patchouli Oil, Carrageenan Extract, Perfume.

What I like about it:
– This product is preservative free
– It makes my skin feel smooth and smell fresh and clean.
– Works good on oily skin.
– It’s easy to use.
– It’s vegan!

What I don’t like about it:
– Lush products expire quickly.
– The black pot isn’t very hygienic.

Have you tried any Lush fresh facial cleansers?




  1. Saving Lush tubs from getting wet is a big task… nice review 🙂

    1. Thank you for commenting 😉

  2. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    I have never tried Lush Face washes. I will have to check them out. Love their body butters. ❤

    1. You should, I love Aqua Marina. What’s your favourite body butter?

  3. I tried some garlic infused product years ago. Don´t know what it was. All I remember was the strong smell. Felt like I was a walking garlic.

    1. I’ve never tried any Lush products with garlic in it, maybe it was an very old product and they don’t sell it anymore?

      1. Perhaps. Could´ve been some sort of mask. Perhaps they´ve removed the product from the shops. Was a long time ago, anyhow Lush have great products. Feels so natural.

      2. Could be, they often remove products and replace them with new ones. Agreed, the natural feel really appeals to me.

  4. great review! i really like lush products, but i do agree that the packaging isnt awesome sometimes…

    1. It’s not always hygienic however I do like their recycling program.

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