Review: Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils

The day before yesterday I posted this NOTD of Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils and today, as I promised, I’m going to review them.

The Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils package contains 20 nail foils for hands and toes and has clear instructions on the back. So I first removed the nail polish from my nails and mapped out what size nail foil would match which nail. Unfortunately I couldn’t not find a perfect match for all nails. Then I applied the nail foils to my nails and filed off all excess. The nail foils are that long that if they made the other end rounded too, I could use the other side as well but I have really short nails.

The nail foils were very easy to apply and even though not all foils were a perfect match to my nails they looked pretty awesome. I received several compliments and most people wondered how I got my nail art to look that detailed. I had some small air bubbles under some nails, as it was impossible to get them all perfectly smooth.

Now the big question: do they last? Sadly enough, no. Already on the first day the started to chip at little bit as you can see on my index finger and by today you could a lot of tip wear so I decided to take them off. That wasn’t as easy as it said on the packaging because I thought adding a topcoat would make them last longer. I used the Catrice Nail Expert up to 10 days topcoat and because I rarely use a topcoat I can’t tell you if it’s because of the topcoat, I simply don’t know if it’s any good.

Conclusion? The Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils are the first Primark Beauty product that disappointed me. Only if you want fun and cheap nail foils that last just 1 or 2 days they’re worth checking out.

Product information
Brand: Primark Beauty
Product: Ooh La La nail foils
Price: £1.00

What I like about it:
– They’re cheap!
– They’re easy to apply.
– They look really cool.

What I don’t like about it:
– They don’t last long on your nails, even with a topcoat.
– The sizes they come in don’t always match my nails.
– You’ll get air bubbles underneath the foils.

Have you ever tried nail foils?




  1. hey I have one lipgloss from Catrice.. I got it as a gift from Germany 🙂
    We don’t have Catrice here 😦

    1. Too bad, Catrice is a great brand if you’re on a budget 😀

  2. wauw dat wil ik ook wel echt cool . X

    1. Deze komen uit Engeland, maar je hebt in Nederland vast ook wel nagelstickers.

  3. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    Shame that it did not last. But its beautiful.

    1. It really is too bad, well at least I had pretty nails for 2 days.

  4. These are so pretty! I’ve never seen them in Primark before. Great price too… Just a shame about the chipping 😦
    Naomi x

    1. The chipping is a real bummer! I haven’t been in Primark for almost 3 months so maybe it’s not a permanent item?

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