Review: Dior Amber Diamond

I bought this beauty at Selfridges when I went to London with my friend Brittany, who also has a beauty-blog: Tribal Faerie. I’ve had my eye on the Dior Amber Diamond for a while because, Tanya Burr, aka Pixi2woo, often uses it in her tutorials and everytime she used it, it looked amazing, so I just felt like I had to have it.

The Dior Amber Diamond is a luxurious product that comes with a navy-blue velvet pouch with Christian Dior’s initials on it to protect it from getting scratched. The compact itself is also navy-blue, not only does it say Dior in silver letters, again you can see Christian Dior’s initials if you hold it in certain lighting. The only downside to the shiny packaging is that it attracts more fingerprints than my other beauty products.

When you open the compact you’ll find a large mirror and 5 stripes of beautiful shimmery powder, in the following shades: a golden-white, champagne, tan, bronze and a golden peach. When you swirl all of the shades together, you get the most stunning shimmery bronze-champagne.

The powder is so finely milled and looks reasonable subtle on my skin compared to many other highlighters. The colours are shimmery yet pigmented at the same time and can easily be used separately if you use a small brush. In addition to being a great highlighter the Dior Amber Diamond also makes a great eyeshadow palette for a simple, shimmery look. It truly is one of my all-time favourite products.

Product information
Product: Dior Diorskin Poudre Shimmer
Colour: 002 Amber Diamond
Price: £32.00
Content: 10g

What I like about it:
– It has beautiful, luxurious packaging.
– It comes with a large mirror.
– It gives a beautiful glow to the skin.
– The stripes can be used separately
– It works also really well as an eyeshadow.

What I don’t like about it:
– The shiny plastic packaging attracts fingerprints.
– The price, £32.00 is a lot of money.

This is definitely my favourite highlighter, that’s why I was surprised to hear that they might be discontinuing it. Is that anyone who can clarify that rumour?




  1. Oh my goodness, I really want this now! That’s the perfect pocket powder!

  2. Hey Kelly, it is true that it will be discontinued (at least here in Europe). It has already been discontinued in Belgium for at least some months now (I tried to look for it a couple of months back, but already it was unavailable). Don’t despair though, because a new one is coming out in a few days and I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s at least just as good!

    1. I’m just glad I decided to buy it because it’s now my favourite highlighter. I can’t wait to see what the new one looks like, I love Dior products, they look so luxurious.

  3. so beautiful! I never highlight…because I don’t know how to do it without making it look like a line lol. looks lovely though. x

    1. Maybe you should try to apply a more subtle highlighter with a really fluffy blush, that always works for me 😉

      1. hmm I will look into that thanks ! x

      2. You’re welcome 😉 xoxo

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