My trip to Paris with Brittany

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and one of the reasons for that is that I went Paris to visit my friend Brittany, aka Tribal Faerie here on WordPress. today I’m going to show you the pictures of our trip and tell you what we’ve been up to in Paris. Let me warn you before you start reading this post: we went a bit picture-crazy!

Day 1
I left last Sunday, very early in the morning, I had booked a train ticket for the Thalys, which is actually not that expensive. I like travelling by train, there’s not hassle of having to check in very early, no limit for the weight of your suitcase and you arrive right in the heart of the city. Brittany picked me up at Gare du Nord and right after we brought my suitcase away we could start exploring Paris. We went on foot and started at the RER station Port-Royal that was close to where we were staying. We were told that the Jardin du Luxembourg was very close so we wanted to check that out first. After that we walked all the way though Rue de Bonaparte to the Seine and from there to the Champs-Élysées where we stopped to shop at the Sephora Flagship store and we saw the Arc de Triomphe that day.

Palais du Luxembourg

A very autumnal picture


Beautiful French building

Day 2
Since the weather was not that great on our second day in Paris we thought it was best to go shopping. First we went to a shopping center called Forum des Halles, the main reason we wanted to go there was because there is a Kiko store in there and of course we couldn’t avoid going to another Sephora. Then we wanted to go to Galeries Lafayette. On our way we passed a very fancy-looking  French Pharmacie and since we both heard amazing things about French skincare we didn’t hesitate to go in. We also passed the beautiful Opera House. On top of that I found a small book store that had a very inexpensive edition of the book Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, an amazing book that highly recommend. It’s probably the most famous French book because it’s one of the best-selling books ever published, additionally it’s the most read and most translated book in the French language, it has been translated more than 250 languages and dialects. When we finally reached Galeries Lafayette we were amazed by the beauty of cosmetics department, although not all counters were that impressive, for instance we were not impressed by the Georgio Armani and the Tom Ford counter. Nevertheless all counters had impeccable service, all MUA’s were very helpful and friendly.

The bridge we crossed was covered with locks

Opera House, Paris

Galeries Lafayette

The cosmetics department in Galeries Lafayette

Day 3
On day 3 we went to the Palace of Versailles, to get there we had to take the RER, we got out a stop called Versailles Chantiers and from there it was only a 15 minute walk to the Palace. On our way we stopped at a small patisserie to buy a meringue, Brittany had never tried one and meringues are delicious. You could already recognize the Palace from miles away, firstly because of all the tourist that were there and secondly because it’s a castle of tremendous proportions that is lavishly decorated. Everyone nder the age of 18 and 18 to 25 year-old (long-time) residents of the EU can get in the Palace for free but have to pay to visit the gardens, however before you can enter you have to face a enormous queue. Once we were in we still found ourselves lost in large crowds and it was very hard to see everything without getting pushed away by the other visitors. Even without the large crowds Versailles didn’t meet our expectations, most rooms just contained paintings and scale-models of the building, there was a room that was under constructions and a lot of rooms showcased odd pieces of modern art, just a few rooms were what we came for, furnished like they used to be. I was most exited to see the Hall of Mirrors but even that room didn’t meet my expectations.

Versailles from the distance

The queue to enter the Palace of Versailles

Inside the Palace of Versailles

The Hall of Mirrors

Odd piece of modern art in Marie Antoinette’s bedroom

Since Versailles wasn’t what we expected we didn’t need spend our whole day there, so we headed back to the centre of Paris, there we did just a bit more shopping. We visited Lardurée, known as the inventor of the macarons and best known maker of them. Even the visit to Ladurée didn’t meet our expectations, not only was everything very expensive, the experience of buying something there didn’t feel luxurious. I just wanted a few macarons to give to my mother so I bought 6 individual ones, instead of packing them in a fancy box he put them in a paper bag and when I asked if I could get a bag for my macarons so they wouldn’t get crushed I got a plastic bag instead of the beautiful paper bags I’ve seen everyone walk around with.

Before we called it a day we did some more sightseeing in Paris.

Brittany and Notre Dame

The statue next to Notre Dame

Day 4
You can’t go to Paris without visiting Musée du Louvre or simply Le Louvre, so we saved the best for last. Just like at the Palace of Versailles everyone under the age of 18 and 18 to 25 year-old (long-time) residents of the EU can get in for free. Le Louvre looks already very impressive from the outside

You can’t see everything at Le Louvre in just one day so we decided to pick several things to go and see. First we went to go see to the Egyptian Antiques section and to get there we had to walk through a very odd space with the foundations of the building, that used to be a castle. After that walked around the museum searching for all the highlights. Our favourite piece was rather unexpected, a sculpture by A. Canova called Psyche and Cupid, it looked sad and beautiful at the same time. Compared to Versailles the Louvre was quite, except for at the really famous pieces, it took us quite a while to get close to ”Aphrodite” also known as Venus de Milo but that was nothing compared to the madness at the Mona Lisa. It was very annoying that there were large crowds at the famous pieces and most of them didn’t even look at the art, they just took pictures of the art or with the art and left. The quietest area we’ve been to was the area with Dutch paintings, there we could really take our time and look at the paintings as long as we wanted.

A scale model of the castle

Psyche and Cupid by A. Canova

The queue to see Mona Lisa

The Lacemaker by Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter

Picture time with Brittany

We’ve done a lot of shopping in Paris and as soon so I will do a separate post with pictures of everything I’ve bought 😉

I had a great time in Paris, I just wish I had more time because I feel like there is still so much left to see, Paris has a lot to offer although being there is expensive, especially eating out is very expensive and not necessarily good, nevertheless I do recommend going there because  there’s a lot to see and a lot to do and it’s never boring. Being a young student and resident of the EU works in my advantage, I could into a lot of museums for free.

Thank you Brittany for the great time in Paris, is was quite the adventure. I already miss you so much and who knows where we will see each other next time. 😉

Have you ever been to Paris?


Note: some of the pictures in this post were taken by my friend Britanny.



  1. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    It was the best vacation of my life! And even though La Duree was expensive and Versailles was a bit of a disappointment, it was the trip of a life times. Loved every minute of being with you. I am still kinda stunned by how much I bought. *blushes* But it should make for us both having some good blog posts inthe future. ❤

    1. It was my first all-girl vacation and I had a blast. I can’t believe how fast time went those 4 days, but I enjoyed every second of it! Haha, me too, I’m going to post the haul post anyway and then of course my MAC Marilyn haul, I feel more ashamed that I bought even more make-up however I can justify it because this was the first MAC collection in ages I was exited about. xxx

      1. tribalfaerie · ·

        It was my first girl vacation with someone who wanted to do all the same things as me. I have done other vacations with girls that were awful becaues they decided they didn’t want to do the same things that I wanted and just ditched me or ignored me. So I was so happy that we got on so well because we both had the same two goals. Site seeing and shopping! Hehe! What else do you do in Paris? ❤ And don't feel guilty. You needed something from the Marilyn collection. 😉

      2. That’s why you need to go trips like these with someone who’s interested in the same things as you are. This way you don’t have to compromise and enjoy every minute of your adventure. I can’t wait for our next one 😉 xxx

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