Review: MAC Pure Zen lipstick from the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2012

Today I’m reviewing another item from the Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2012. This lipstick,  Pure Zen, is the only non-bright coloured lipstick from the collection. The reason I choose this lipstick from the collection is that I already own so many bright coloured lipsticks, especially reds since red is favourite colour.

The lipstick comes in a shiny black box, the picture of Marilyn is just a cover you can simply slip off, just like with the blush the packaging has a kiss on the flap, which I think looks really cute. The lipstick itself also comes entirely in shiny black packaging with the same picture of Marilyn on it as on the box.

Pure Zen is described by MAC as a frosted warm nude and it has a cremesheen finish. It has semi-opaque coverage and if you have dry lips, this colour will emphasize it. This colour isn’t very overpowering and because of that it will look great with a variety of looks. Unfortunately I found out after I purchased this lipstick that it’s also part of the permanent range, so if you’re interested in this shade you don’t have to run out to get it, unless you want it in this lovely Marilyn Monroe packaging of course.

I’m a true MAC lipstick-lover for many reasons; because they’re available in a great variety of colours and finishes, they have a lovely vanilla scent to them, they are very pigmented, feel great on the lips and on top of that they last very long.

Product information
Brand: MAC
Product: lipstick
Finish: cremesheen
Colour: Pure Zen
Finish: cremesheen
Price:  €19,50

What I like about it:
– It comes in beautiful packaging.
– It smells lovely.
– This colour will look great with a variety of looks.
– This lipstick feels really nice on the lips.
– It’s part of the permanent range, so in case I run out I can buy a new one.

What I don’t like about it:
– The light colour won’t look good on darker skin tones.
– If you have dry lips this lipstick will emphasize it.

If you could buy a product you don’t own yet in special packaging instead of the normal packaging, would you buy it, even if it was slightly more expensive?




  1. Great nude shade. Unfortunately, this shade washed me out 😦

    1. You could use it on top of other colours or just in the centre of your lips 😉

  2. this is a really nice shade, I bought ‘deeply adored’ and I’m loving it =^_^= great pictures! ❤

    1. Deeply Adored is very pretty as well, I love darker reds, it’s just that I already own so many reds that I decided not to buy a red lipstick. Although red of course perfectly fits in the Marilyn Monroe theme.

  3. That looks like a beautiful nude colour and again, the packaging is so nice! Permanent range or not, this one looks better 😀
    I nominated you for the Liebster award, so if you want (no obligations) you may answer my questions.

  4. this is such a nice color!!

  5. Whoa this looks SO nice and pink on you! I’m relatively sure it’ll wash me out beyond recognition, but on fairer girls it must be gorgeous!

    1. I’m not sure, you can’t be much darker than I am, right? What shade are you, in MAC terms? It doesn’t look too light on me at all although it’s lighter than the colours I usually wear.

  6. very lovely color ! x

  7. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    Gorgeous!! Love the pictures. This shade is a lovely nude. ❤

    1. Thank you, I’m so happy with it, I already own too many red lipsticks anyway. ❤

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