Review: MAC Après Chic, Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow

Happy new year everyone!

On January 5th MAC launched their Après Chic Collection in The Netherlands. Since I already own Stereo Rose I only purchased one item from the collection, Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow.

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow packaging

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow  ingredients

Fireside is a very interesting colour, I haven’t seen anything quite like it. It’s a reddish-purple with green-teal duochrome. This is a colour that works best when applied with a damp brush, because when you use this colour dry it hasn’t got much colour pay-off  I recommend using a primer beforehand, then applying the colour with a damp brush and after than apply some dry eyeshadow on top. This way you get the most colour pay-off and the colour will stay on longer.

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow top

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow open

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows look beautiful in pan but are more tricky to work with than the normal eyeshadows. These tend to be less pigmented, have more fall out and fade easily. MAC Mineralize Eyeshadows come in a matte black plastic case with a see-through lid so you can see which colour is inside. These eyeshadows are slightly bigger than regular MAC eyeshadows and contain more product. A regular MAC eyeshadow contains 1.5 grams of product while a Mineralize Eyeshadow contains 2.2 grams of product.

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow swatch dry/wet

MAC Fireside Mineralize Eyeshadow swatch dry/wet

Product information
Product: Mineralize Eyeshadow
Colour: Fireside
Collection: Après Chic
Price:  €21,00

What I like about it:
– Unique colour.
– Can be used wet and dry.
– Perfect for smokey eyes.

What I don’t like about it:
– More tricky to work with.
– Not very pigmented.
– Doesn’t stay on as long as regular MAC eyeshadows.
– This colour is limited edition.

Did you buy anything from the MAC Après Chic Collection?




  1. love it!

  2. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    This is such a gorgeous color. I love seeing it on you during our skype session. ❤

    1. Thank you sweetie! It has been my go-to colour since I’ve bought it, believe it or not, it’s very versatile! 😀

  3. Looks lovely! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It’s been my go-to colour for this month, its so versatile.

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