Looking back on IMATS London 2012

Yesterday it was exactly one year ago that I visited the International Make-up Artist Trade Show, also known as IMATS in London. Looking back I realised that I’ve shown you pictures of the Make-up Museum  and I told you that I met the Pixiwoo Sisters, Sam and Nicola Chapman and that I met my friend Brittany that day however there’s still so much more I want to show you. Better late than never, so here  is my post on IMATS London 2012.

IMATS London 2012 Banner

For those of you who don’t know what IMATS is, this is how it’s described on the IMATS website:

”The International Make-Up Artist Trade Show is the make-up world’s biggest gathering. Thousands of make-up artists, vendors and enthusiasts discuss, display and collect the best the industry has to offer. Make-up pros from fashion and film (including Oscar, BAFTA and Saturn award winners) provide education and demonstrations at IMATS, and new products often debut there. IMATS also features a make-up museum and an Afterglow party, where trade-show guests can socialize.”

Source: http://www.imats.net/london/about.php

Last year I had the chance of a lifetime, I could go to IMATS. As a girl from a small town in The Netherlands IMATS seemed like the make-up heaven I could never go to. That all changed when I went to Brighton, last year I lived there because I studied abroad for a semester. Brighton is actually very close to London so bought a ticket to go to IMATS. I can still remember how nervous I was that day, it was my 6th day in England and there I was, going to London, all by myself, to visit an event I’ve only seen on videos and pictures of on the internet. It was very cold that day and although there wasn’t any snow in Brighton there was a lot of it in London.

IMATS London 2012, Alexandra Palace

All that snow was a blessing in disguise because unlike what I prepared myself for, it wasn’t busy at all which made looking around and shopping a whole lot easier.

IMATS London 2012 Body Painting for Editioral

The first demonstration I wanted to see was Brush Essential Confidential with Elessa Jade of Pursebuzz.com. I made sure I was slightly early so I could find a good seat, something I didn’t have to do because only around 15 people showed up for this demonstration. Because I was early I could still take a fleeting glance at the final result of the last demonstration, Body Painting for Editorial with Einat Dan, which looked stunning. While they were clearing the stage I saw Koren Zander from EnKore Makeup, I knew he and Elessa know each other therefore I assumed she would arrive shortly. Sadly she didn’t, it turned out she couldn’t make it because of the snow, however every cloud has a silver lining: he would take her place. Koren did an amazing demonstration on one of the girls from the audience. He made sure we were involved in the process by asking us questions and giving us tips and tricks. I had a front-row seat and was taking notes of everything he said.

IMATS London 2012 demonstration by Koren Zander (EnKore)

After that demonstration it was time to do some more shopping. I couldn’t get enough of walking around the main hall and look around at all the different booths. There were so many brands I hadn’t heard of before or brands that aren’t available in The Netherlands. Then suddenly I saw Koren Zander, walking all by himself, I knew I had to take this opportunity to talk to him. I mustered up enough courage to say hello to him and before I knew it I found myself talking with Koren about make-up and blogging. He was just a friendly and happy as he is in his videos and he really encouraged me to keep blogging when I told him about my doubts. At the end of our conversation I asked the guy who worked at the booth closest to us if he could take a picture of us and you can see the result below.

Me and Koren Zander aka EnKore

Even at the booths there were a lot of demonstrations, very arty ones and also very scary ones, like this one:

IMATS London 2012, zombie

One of my personal favourites was at the Make Up Forever booth:

IMATS London 2012, Make Up Forever

While I was walking around I noticed a lot of people walking around with beautiful butterflies and flowers painted on their faces, I had to find out where they got that done and it turned out you could get it done at the Wolfe Face Art & FX booth. There was only a short queue so it was now or never. Because of that I was almost late for the Q&A session with the PixiWoo sisters, Samantha and Nicola Chapman. That’s were I met my dear friend Brittany. You can read more about that experience in this post.

Afterwards Brittany and I walked around together and did some more shopping. We ran into some amazing walking pieces of art, one of them made my heart that’s obsessed with English literature beat faster, Alice in Wonderland body paint! Doesn’t that look amazing?

IMATS London 2012 Alice in Wonderland body art

Make-up can really mess with your mind, take this picture for instance, at first glance you would say the glamorous creation on the right was wearing a shirt, right? I had to look twice before I realised that it was body paint, amazing isn’t it?

IMATS London 2012, glamorous body paint

The haul
IMATS is the ultimate shopping experience for beauty lovers, such as myself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many beauty brands together under one roof and as if that was not enough, most products were discounted. In the collage below you can see what I bought that day, there’s a list with all the names/colours of the products below, unfortunately I don’t remember all exact prices any more.

IMATS Haul collage

– MAC Kelly Green Pigment
– Illamasqua Nail Varnish Throb
– Illamasqua Nail Varnish Propaganda
– Illamasqua Nail Varnish Baptiste
– Inglot AMC Eyeliner Gel matte 77 (black)
– NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil 604 Milk
– NYX sharpener
– Crown Brush BK23 – Pro Spoolie
– Crown Brush C217 Bent Liner
– Crown Brush C408 Chisel Shader
– Crown Brush SS005 – Deluxe Mini Fan
– Eldora handmade lashes B152
– Eldora handmade lashes H124
– Eldora handmade lashes H126
– Real Techniques Starter Set
– Real Techniques Core Collection
-Sleek Pout Paint Peek-A-Bloo
-Sleek Pout Paint Lava
-Sleek Pout Paint Pinkini

Honestly I hope that will get the chance to visit another IMATS, maybe one in The States and hopefully together with my friend Brittany. I’m so happy I met her that day. IMATS was such an wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to every beauty-lover out there.

Have you ever visited IMATS? Do you want to?




  1. OMG YOU WENT TO IMATS? So jealous! I haven’t. I think the idea is exciting, but I’ll probably get very frustrated because I can’t see/buy it all! Sounds like you had a GREAT time there!

    1. Yeah I could barely believe it myself that morning. It’s a great experience and I was so lucky that it wasn’t that busy that day. It will probably never be like that ever again now they’ve changed the London IMATS date, it will now be in summer so no snow and therefore no people not showing up because of the weather. It was amazing and if you ever get the chance to go, go! Maybe you could buy a 2-day ticket, that way you can probably see it all but buying it all is a whole different story….

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