I won the Inglot AFW photo-contest!

Two weeks ago I asked if you could help me win a contest by liking a photo of me that was taken at Inglot during Amsterdam Fashion Weekend. I’m proud to announce that I won the contest. Last week the package arrived and I’m so exited to show you my prizes.

Inglot AFW prize with card

Firstly I want to show the item I got from fashion designer Astrid Elisee, a taupe silk crepe scarf with black stars printed on it. Such a lovely colour, I think it will go well with many different outfits.

Astrid Elisee silk scarf

Now on to the make-up! Inglot was kind enough to send me some of their newest products, the Inglot Freedom Palette I received includes 3 Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadows and the nail polish is from their latest collection called the Coffee Collection. The other items are from their regular collection, a Freedom System blush and a Lip Duo.

AFW box open

– Inglot Freedom System Blush 30
– Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadow 127R, 3 shades of sparkly blue
– Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadow 130R, 3 shades of sparkly grey
– Double Sparkle Rainbow Eyeshadow 125R, 3 shades of sparkly warm brown
– Nail Enamel 369 from the Coffee Collection
– Lip Duo Lip Gloss Lip Paint 34

I’d like to thank Inglot and Astrid Elisee for the amazing prizes and of course I want to thank everyone who helped me win by liking my photo! I can’t wait to try all my new products and wear my scarf. It goes without saying that I will review and  swatch the make-up products here on my blog, so make sure to check again soon if you want to see that.

Kelly Amanda



  1. Gefeliciteerd ! ♥ x

  2. Congrats 🙂

  3. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    WOOHOO! Congrats sweetie!! Your loot is incredible. Love those eye shadows.

    1. Thank you honey, I’m so happy with my prize. I will review those eyeshadows soon. I’m wearing a few today and I can already tell you that they’re amazing!

  4. Whoaaa you won! That’s fantastic! Congratulations!

    Look at all the new makeup you get to play with! I’m definitely seeing interesting shades here!

    1. Thank you and thank for liking my photo. I’m so happy with all the stuff I received. I’ve already used some of the products and I can tell you so far so good 😀

  5. omg. congrats ❤ ❤

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