Review: Sleek Oh So Special Palette

Oh so special, oh so perfect for travelling

When I went to Paris with my  friend Brittany/Tribal Faerie she brought me some gifts from England, one of the gifts was the Sleek Oh So Special Palette. I absolutely fell in love with this palette and it’s now one of my travel essentials. Today I’m going to explain to you why this palette is so amazing.

Sleek Oh So Special palette compact

I already own one Sleek MakeUP i-Divine palette, the Storm palette, a very dark palette that contains the perfect colours for a smokey-eye, funny enough it looks very similar to the Urban Decay Smoked Palette to me. The Oh So Special palette looks nothing like the Storm palette, it looks softer and sweeter with a lot of neutrals and pinks.

All Sleek i-Divine palettes come in simple and sleek black casings that are easy to open. When opened you’ll find a large mirror, 12 eyeshadows and a sponge-tip applicator.

Sleek Oh So Special palette open

What makes this palette so perfect is that it contains all the essentials, a matte highlight shade, a matte medium brown for blending, a matte black to smudge along the lash line or to make a look smokey, matte browns that can be used for filling in the brows. It also contains some shimmery shades I like to use on the lids and all the pink shades can be used as blush. This palette basically contains almost everything I need for a complete look.

Sleek Oh So Special palette

The Sleek Oh So Special palette contains 12 eyeshadows, 5 of those have a shimmery finish and 7 of them have a matte finish. Almost colours were very pigmented, with the exception of Bow, which is hardly visible on my medium skin ton. All shades blend like a dream  but for ultimate staying power I do recommend using a eyshadow primer under the eyeshadows to prevent the colours from creasing or fading.

Here’s an overview of the colours included in this palette accompanied by a short description:

Bow: matte off-white
Organza: pale shimmery pink
Ribbon: matte baby pink
Gift Basket: shimmery bronze
Glitz: shimmery blue-based grey
Celebrate: shimmery dark plum
Pamper: pale matte pink
Gateau:  shimmery pinky mauve
The Mail: matte caramel nude
Boxed: matte chocolate brown
Wrapped Up: matte plum-ish grey
Noir: pure matte black

Sleek Oh So Special palette swatches

Top row: Bow, Organza, Ribbon, Gift Basket, Glitz, Celebrate.
Bottom row: Pamper, Gateau, The Mail, Boxed, Wrapped Up, Noir.
Note: swatches are made without a using primer

Product information
Brand: Sleek
Product: i-Divine palette
Colour: Oh So Special
Price:  €10.00

What I like about it:
– It’s inexpensive.
– It comes with a large mirror.
– The packaging is sleek, small and sturdy.
– It contains a lot of matte eyeshadows.
– You can create a great variety of looks with this palette.
– Some of the shades can be used as blush.
– The colours are very pigmented and are easy to blend.
– It’s travel-friendly.

What I don’t like about it:
– I never use the sponge-tip applicators it comes with.
– Sleek products aren’t easy find in The Netherlands.

Ever since I got the Sleek Oh So Special palette it has been my go-to palette for travelling. Simply because it’s small and therefore easily fits in my make-up bag and contains all the essentials.

Do you have a go-to palette for travelling?




  1. AH I’ve been wanting to purchase this palette forever! I just think it’s lovely – and I’m not even the biggest fan of pinks! I have the Sleek Au Naturale palette and get so much use from it

    1. I’m not a huge fan of pink either and I still think this palette is great 😉

  2. beautiful. i wish i could get my hands on a sleek palette! >_<

  3. Sleek is echt een fijn merk! Mooi palette!

  4. lovely colours i so want to try sleek eyeshadows!! ❤ GiG ❤

  5. Those colors are beautiful and they remind me of this one MAC quad that I own! Too bad Sleek doesn’t ship out to the states :/

    xo Jessika

  6. Sleek palettes are one of my favorites too, They never disappoints me .. Love from GIGersGivers Blog Love Tag ❤

  7. oh wow pretty colors!

  8. I definitely love Organza and the Gift Basket – such lovely hues! #GiG xx Donah

    1. Gift Basket is one of my personal favourites, it looks great all over the lid with some The Mail in the crease.

  9. I badly want to visit Paris one day. Although I’m not much of a makeup person, but I definitely fancy sexy and bold smokey eyes. Love the shades of pink and brown.

    1. You should, Paris is great for many things and not just make-up shopping 😉

      1. I know. My friend has recently shifted her base to Paris to complete her college. And it’s just so beautiful – the pictures and everything she posts! *_____*

      2. Wow, that’s an amazing opportunity for her!

  10. Wat een mooi palette zeg! ❤

  11. what a great palette!!

    1. It really is amazing 😉

  12. I love travel friendly makeups.

    1. Me too, since I travel a lot I need things that are convenient to take with you.

  13. Looks like a great item for your travel bag!

  14. fancyfrancyfash · · Reply

    I’m obsessed with Sleek makeup because of all the UK beauty youtubers I watch, would love to try that palette, looks great!!

    Francy @

  15. it’s really perfect for traveling! 🙂

    – from gig

    1. It truly is, I can’t imagine travelling without it any more.

  16. Oh wow! I love this palette. There’s so much you could do with all those colours 😀 xx

  17. thinacruz · · Reply

    I’ve been meaning to buy (more of hoard) Sleek products for the longest time! I’m eyeing the palettes and blushes!

    1. Well with this palette you’ll have eyeshadows and blushes in one. I have some Sleek blushes, I’ll review them soon but I can already tell you that they’re amazing!

  18. Wow, it seems like you are traveling a lot. I want to visit London and Paris this year. Anyway the palette is amazing!

    Lucy (GIG member)

    1. Thank you for your comment. I do travel a lot, I’m very lucky because I study English and therefore I had to study in England for a semester on top of that I enjoy travelling very much and I take every opportunity I get to visit different places. London and Paris are great, let me know if you need any tips on where to go 😉

  19. Prachtig palette!

  20. I just carry my everyday make-up bag on travels.

    1. Lucky you! That makes packing a whole lot easier. I just don’t think I’ll be able to do that. I don’t have a everyday make-up bag, I just keep all my make-up in one place and take out what I need when I go travelling.

      1. The bag isn´t exactly packed :=P So it´s quite convenient to keep everything there. Do you have a shelf for your make-up?

      2. Not exactly, I store all my make-up and beauty-related items in the Alex drawer unit from IKEA.

      3. Had to google that. IKEA is not my area of expertise. That´s a clever storage space.

      4. Luckily we have Google! I’m very pleased with this new way of storing my make-up and beauty products. This way I have everything in one place instead of spread all over my room.

  21. Organza and celebrate are such pretty colors!

    I don’t really have a go-to palette for traveling. 🙂

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