Amsterdam haul: MAC PRO, Lush, Essence

Last Friday I went shopping in Amsterdam with a friend of mine, we mainly went for the MAC PRO store because that’s the only place where you can buy MAC PRO products in The Netherlands. Now not all the products I bought are PRO product nevertheless  I bought them at the PRO store because I was there anyway. We also popped into Lush because I needed another Mask of Magnaminty because I had run out of it. I absolutely love this face mask and if you’re interested in my opinion on the Mask of Magnaminty you can read my review here. Last but not least I went to Kruidvat, a Dutch drugstore, there I bought some nail art products from Essence because I want to experiment with nail art.

MAC PRO haul

– MAC PRO Conceal and Correct Palette in Medium
– Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Dark
– Chromagraphic Pencil in Marina Ultra
– Pigment in Naked
– PRO Palette Refil Pan eyeshadow in Samoa Silk (discontinued)
– 208 angled brow brush
– 217 blending brush
– 227 large fluff brush

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Lush Mask of Magnaminty

 Essence Vintage District Collection Nail Art Decoration Kit 02 Something G-old - Something New

– Essence Nail Art Decoration Kit 02 Something G-old – Something New from the Vintage District collection

Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist

– Essence Nail Art Duo Stylist

Did anything in this post catch your eye? It goes without saying that I’ll review these products here on my blog however I do need some time to test them and form my opinion. So keep an eye out for swatches and reviews.

Kelly Amanda



  1. Nicee kell x

  2. tribalfaerie · · Reply

    So glad that you like that Mask of Magnamity enough to buy it again.
    Great haul! Let me know what you think of that pigment. ❤

  3. Love the MAC Blending Brush. It’s one of my HG brushes. I have several in my kit!1

  4. I’ve been meaning to buy a nail art pen for long. Just couldn’t decide which brand to choose. This MAC one looks interesting!

  5. nice haul! the essence nail art looks interesting!

  6. great buys hun! omg i so want to go into a shopping crazy at mac hehehehe i only have a few things from them, i think i have been kind of stuck with urban decay and bobbi brown so is time to explore! hehehehe the Conceal and Correct Palette looks very interesting and I’m looking for a nail art dotting tool – great post 😀
    big hugs

    1. The Conceal and Correct Palette is great simply because you have both concealers and correctors in one and you have several colours. My skin colour changes a lot and now I don’t have to buy a lot of different concealers 😉

  7. I love all the stuff you got!

  8. what great buys!!! 🙂 looks like you will be having fun hehehe #GIG

  9. Love the nail art decoration kit!

  10. The Lush Mask of Magnaminty 🙂 The name itself is an eye-catcher 🙂 xoxo KJ

  11. i also love that you got yourself some Lush goodies ! (GIG)

  12. your MAC haul is perfection! 😀 (GIG)

  13. Awesome haul! Xx Donah

  14. Love MAC products!. I want them all!.
    Gime (From GIG)

    Twitter: @Coolrunwaystyle

  15. Aintzane Zamora · · Reply

    yay, MAC haul. I’m jealous.

  16. Hi there… Where to buy Lush Mask of Magnaminty?

    1. You can buy the Mask of Magnaminty at Lush stores or online at their website;-)

  17. I use products from LUSH and they are amazing

    xx Chaicy from GIG

  18. So jelly! I really want to find a lush near me and splurge…

    1. Isn’t there a Lush store near you? You can always try ordering online 😉

  19. i love hauls too! nice products you found there 🙂

    – from gig

  20. oooo so envious of your amazing shopping swag!!!! Envious of all the MAC items especially! xx

    1. I’m very happy with all my new MAC products, I must admit I’ve never purchased so many MAC product in one time as I did now.

  21. I need to try that mask from Lush!! 🙂

    Kisses, Lucy.

    1. You should, it’s great!

  22. I love hauls! I love the items you have here…a MAC store just opened up here so I might check it out based on your tempting post!

    1. Lucky you! I’ll try to review everything as soon as I can. I’d like to point out to you that MAC will discontinue the eyeshadow I bought. I’ll review that one first so the people who are interested can still buy it.

  23. I’ve been thinking of trying out the chromagraphic pencil! Love the colour!

    1. The colour is amazing! I thought it would be a great alternative for black without being too much.

  24. thinacruz · · Reply

    So jelly of you MAC haul! I’m dying to get the pigment too! 😉

    1. A friend of mine talked me into that pigment, she said she can’t live without it. I’m going to review it soon 😉

  25. Whoa, somebody went shopping!!! The thing that totally caught my eye is the Essence dotting tool (strange as it may sound, I know…)! I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to nail art, but I keep seeing these pretty dotted manicures on Vampy Varnish. I just think that with some practice, maybe one day I can also do that! Would love to see a dotted mani you create, Kelly!

    1. Hey Sunny, I’m hopeless too when it comes to nail art and a dotting tool and some nail decorations will probably make life a little bit easier. You’ll see how I’ll get on with it because if I attempt to do any nail art I’ll post it on my blog 😉

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