NOTD: Barry M 306 Blueberry Ice Cream

This colour reminds me of an ice cream flavour I used to love when I was a young girl, no it’s not blueberry, it’s Smurf. I know that sounds strange and I’m not sure if they sell Smurf flavoured ice cream all over the world, the only thing I know for sure is that they do here in The Netherlands. If you don’t believe me or if you want to know what it looks like, just Google: Smurf ice cream.

Barry M’s Blueberry is a creamy mid-tone blue that is opaque in just 2 coats. they took slightly more time to dry than most of my other nail polishes when you look more closely to my nails you’ll see that the brush strokes are still visible even though that’s more common among nail polishes with a metallic finish. In the picture I’m wearing 2  coats over a base coat but without a topcoat. Usually I get around 3-5 days of wear out of Barry M nail polishes and tip wear and some minor chipping.

NOTD Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream

Product information
Brand: Barry M
Price: £2.99
Number: 306
Colour: Blueberry Ice Cream
Colour description: creamy mid-tone blue
Content: 10 ml

All this talking about ice cream makes me excited for summer, also known as the ice cream season, although honestly I eat a lot of ice cream all year around. I’d love to know if you’ve ever tasted Smurf flavoured ice cream or even better: what’s the strangest ice cream flavour you’ve ever tasted?

Kelly Amanda


  1. this color reminds me of Smurf! lol

  2. Oh! I never knew Smurf ice cream was an actual thing! I had it once in Spain when I was 12, and just assumed they’d stuck a smurf in a bubblegum ice cream for decoration. But it’s a real thing!
    I have this colour of nail polish too, but I like it better on your nails than on mine, it’s much brighter. On me it just really reminds me of blu-tac, it’s a very weird kind of pale blue…

  3. This is such a great colour! love it!

    Style Without Limits

  4. Love that nail colour, so bright & fun!

  5. Haha Smurf ice cream! I’ve never had any but I might have seen it here (I’ve always been curious about how Smurfs taste, but that makes me sound like a psychopath killer)! I really really love this shade! Ever since I fell in love with Dior Saint Tropez last summer (it’s the nail polish I wore the most times last year), I have been very enthusiastic about similar shades. There’s something so summery and carefree about them!

  6. I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream, temperatures are sky high over here! Smurf ice cream sounds very intriguing… *follows the link you provided*

    1. I’m jealous! Today is the first day of spring but it doesn’t feel like spring yet here in The Netherlands, we even had some snow yesterday.

  7. swlabrmakeup · · Reply

    WOW, it’s a very nice colour **

  8. i love the color! so stunning and refreshing! ❤

    Letters To Juliet

  9. love this color for Spring! xx

  10. This colour is so lovely!!! It goes straight to my wish list!! 😀 big hugs hun ❤

    1. I’m glad I could inspire you! It really is an amazing colour.

      1. thank you hun ^_^

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