About me

Hello everyone!

Let me introduce myself: my name is Kelly. I’m 20 years old and I live in a small village close to Arnhem in The Netherlands.

I’ve always had a passion for beauty. I bought my first MAC products at age 17, but I already had a quite large make-up and nail polish collection before I discovered high-end make-up brands. Ever since my collection continued to grow, I keep discovering new brands and products. I started watching make-up tutorials on YouTube and reading blogs for inspiration. For a while I wrote for a beauty-blog of a co-worker and friend of mine, I liked it very much and it inspired me to start my own blog.

My hobbies are reading, watching movies, listening to music, Latin and ballroom dancing, debating and hanging with my friends. I work as a saleslady in a department store and I volunteer for a non-profit organisation called NJR that organizes a sorts of activities for young adults. I work for a project called Nationaal Jeuddebat, a projects that introduces young adults to politics

I study to become a teacher of English, part of that was studying abroad. Therefore I’ve studied in Brighton, England from January till June 2012, you can read about it on my blog under the category Brighton.

I hope that one day I can do something with my passion for beauty and skincare. I’v visited IMATS London in February and it really inspired me to do something with my passion. At the moment I’m thinking of applying for a make-up course. Of course I will keep you updated if I apply for one.

If you have any questions, please let me know 😉