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Looking back on IMATS London 2012

Yesterday it was exactly one year ago that I visited the International Make-up Artist Trade Show, also known as IMATS in London. Looking back I realised that I’ve shown you pictures of the Make-up Museum  and I told you that I met the Pixiwoo Sisters, Sam and Nicola Chapman and that I met my friend Brittany […]

Paris with Brittany haul

In my last post I promised to show you everything I’ve bought in Paris in a separate post. So here it is, my haul post, in which I’m going to show you everything I’ve bought while I was in Paris, which is mostly make-up and also some other random things. In the picture below you […]

My trip to Paris with Brittany

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and one of the reasons for that is that I went Paris to visit my friend Brittany, aka Tribal Faerie here on WordPress. today I’m going to show you the pictures of our trip and tell you what we’ve been up to in Paris. Let me warn you before you start […]

University update

Transfer and Transition poster made by Mandy and me I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on my blog regularly, I’ve been quite busy. I especially haven’t posted in a while about the main reason I came to Brighton to begin with, to study at the University of Brighton so here’s an update about what I’ve been doing […]

Road trip to West Wittering beach with Tom and Georgina

The day before yesterday I went on a road trip with my friends Tom and Georgina. Tom and Georgina are already done with all their assignments and wanted to something fun. I still have to finish one essay however the weather looked very promising and it’s such a waste to stay inside on a beautiful […]

Trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye

The University of Brighton offers trips for international students for a really affordable price. It’s a great way to visit places you wouldn’t visit on your own and an great way to meet other international students. So Rita, Mandy and I decided to go on the the trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye on the 3rd […]