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Trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye

The University of Brighton offers trips for international students for a really affordable price. It’s a great way to visit places you wouldn’t visit on your own and an great way to meet other international students. So Rita, Mandy and I decided to go on the the trip to Bodiam Castle and Rye on the 3rd […]

Bowling with my buddies

Monday morning I got a phone call from Micah, an international student from French Canada, asking me if I was interested in going bowling and of course my answer was yes. We met up in the Marina Village where they bowling alley is, at 9 in the evening. Tom, Tom’s English house-mate Rob and I were there […]

University life

As promised this time a post about life at the University. The University of Brighton has 6 campuses and the school of education, where I have to go to, is based in Falmer, up in the hills, right next to the Falmer Stadium,  home of the Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club. The Falmer campus […]

Long time, no blogpost: Pancake Tuesday, cocktails with the Girls, sightseeing in Brighton with Tom and picnicing in Queen’s Park

Sorry, long time, no blogpost, I’ve been quite busy. I’ve met some really interesting and fun people and today I would like to tell you about the past week and what I’ve been up to. The lovely Charley, one of our classmates had invited Abbie, Hannah, Mandy and me over for dinner on Pancake Tuesday. […]

Shop, eat, shop, cook

The first of February I went shopping on my own. I needed to get out of the house to clear my head and I wanted to explore Brighton. I didn’t too many pictures, I just wanted to look and let it sink in that I’m actually going to stay here for the next 4 months. […]

So the story begins, Brighton day 1

Tuesday I woke up at 6 in the morning to pack the last things I didn’t want to forget. Even my sister woke up early to say goodbye to me. After that my parents drove me the Station in Arnhem. In Arnhem Rita, Petronella and I said goodbye to our parents, since they all came […]