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Review: Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils

The day before yesterday I posted this NOTD of Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils and today, as I promised, I’m going to review them. The Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils package contains 20 nail foils for hands and toes and has clear instructions on the back. So I first removed the nail […]

NOTD: Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils

Today I finally applied the Primark Beauty Ooh La La nail foils I bought when I was in England. They remind me a bit of Cath Kidston, aren’t they adorable? It goes without saying that I’ll post a review of these Primark Beauty nail foils them after I’ve tested them thoroughly. For today I’ll just […]

More cheap false lashes: Primark Beauty Fashion Lashes

I’ve already done a post on the incredibly cheap Primark Beauty false lashes however on my last trip to Primark I saw these Fashion Lashes for just £1.00. I couldn’t resist the temptation to buy this pair even though I don’t know when I’ll wear these, they’re not exactly the type of lashes I would wear during the daytime and I couldn’t […]

Are you looking for cheap false eyelashes? Try Primark Beauty!

I’ve already tried Primark Beauty false lashes before, on my birthday I wore the more natural-looking pair out of these four, I hadn’t seen the others before though so when I saw them in Primark the other day I just had to pick them up. On my birthday I didn’t really have high expectations, these […]

NOTD: Spring Pastels

Inspired by an article on Beautylab, a Dutch beauty blog, I decided to paint my nails today. Inspired by spring I used pastels and a bright pink. All the nail polishes I used were part of a set I bought for just £2.00 at Primark. I will probably do a review on this set soon. I […]

Shop, eat, shop, cook

The first of February I went shopping on my own. I needed to get out of the house to clear my head and I wanted to explore Brighton. I didn’t too many pictures, I just wanted to look and let it sink in that I’m actually going to stay here for the next 4 months. […]